DIY Soldering station (steps)

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Projects

Here you can find pictures of a version of a diy soldering station . This is my practical implementation of the project.

All information can be found here ( and all credits belongs to the authors .

  1. paulo says:

    Hi, have you used exactly the same devices as on the “” because the capacitor “C2 – 200mF/10v” is hard to find.

    • shogun1969 says:

      You can use any electrolitic capacitor of 220microFarads with voltage bigger or equal to 10V . I think I used 200microFarads/16V or 220microFarads/25V.

      • paulo says:

        Thanks a lot, I thought it was miliFarads because they have put (mF).
        Now now in microFarads (uF) its easy to find.

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